It is our responsibility to make sure that the fresh fish finds the way to the costumers in a short time.
Thereby we consider quality, sustainability, traceability and environmental aspects.
A fully developed sales- and logistic system make a contribution that all operations gear into each other.
That’s why we can offer the best access to one of the most healthy food to our costumers.


Our major business is the redfish, where we are German market leader. Other species we deliver are for example: Pollock, Catfish, Monkfish, Ling, Place, white Halibut, Greenland Halibut and Cod.

The fish is catch in the waters of Iceland, Norway and the Faroer Islands by ships equipped with modern technology under the compliance of environment- and sustainability aspects.

90 % of the fish we sell is catch inside the 200 miles zone around Island. Island is the fishery nation with one of the best and strictes fishery management systems in the world.

Because the high developed logistic it takes often only 72 hours from the catch to the auction in Bremerhaven.

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